Restoring Historic Dayton neighborhoods, one house at a time.

Dayton Originals

Greetings! I'm Theresa Gasper, the Founder and President of Full Circle Development. My company’s mission is to revitalize historic Dayton neighborhoods, one house at a time. Currently I am working in Historic South Park, the East Dayton neighborhood where I grew up. My dream since moving out at the age of 11 was to one day return and fix up the neighborhood. Little did I know that dream would lead to being one of two private investors buying nearly 30 houses together and showcasing 10 of them in the 2007 Rehabarama.

To date, I have purchased 11 homes:

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Our Homes

We tend to buy homes that were distressed & neglected rental properties or vacant & boarded up for years. Using a team of quality contractors, I focus on the mechanicals (plumbing, electrical, HVAC) and structural (windows, roofs, doors) parts of the house. When finished, you have as maintenance free as you can make a 120+ year old home that is a blank slate waiting for the stamp of the homeowner's own personality.


This project is philanthropically motivated and a way for me to give back to the City of Dayton. I work closely with Michael DiFlora of The Home Group but there is no legal partnership between our companies. We each buy, renovate and sell our own properties, but our vision is the same. Neither of us receives public assistance or grants for our work—it is all self-funded.