Make your university safer for your students by using Assisted Patrol.

Now more than ever postsecondary institutions are embracing technology in the classroom. With such progressive efforts made towards educating the next world leaders, just as many efforts should be considered in the protection of these resources. Cell phones, Tablets, and Laptops make up most of the stolen materials on college campuses. In recent years, libraries and coffee shops have become playgrounds for thieves. Taking back these areas and making them safe for the technology that passes through them has become tedious. Tracking technology thieves is arduous and sometimes requires resources and personnel that some security departments just can’t write off. It only takes mere seconds for hundreds of dollars worth of technology to disappear. And though they try, Police and campus security officers cannot always respond fast enough.

Assisted Patrol offers a proactive way to catch thieves on campus. Leave Assisted Patrol out in a libraries and cafeterias, or simply place the system in backpack. When the thief steals Assisted Patrol, campus security is alerted and can jump into action.