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    David Gasper

    This topic allows users to request new product enhancements

    Some of the new enhancements include:
    – Reset the text alert if the bait moves again after theft
    – new fields in the status display screen
    – date time stamps on the photos taken

    Next we are working a citizen feature. Cooperative citizens could arm the device leave it out and then disarm. They would not receive an alert if bait is stolen A citizen could place the bait in their car every night and remove it each morning. This would save time and effort for the department as well as put out the bait more often in a more realistic theft scenario..

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    David Gasper

    New Features Added to Version 3.03
    •Remote Arm Feature◦Whenever the Assisted Patrol is running on the bait device and not armed, you can arm the device
    ◦For example:
    Place the phone inside a shipping package.
    Start the app on the bait phone or tablet but don’t arm it.
    Seal the package and leave it where a theft may occur.
    Select Remote Arm on your browser and the device is armed. This prevents setting off the theft detection when the package is first moved.

    Note: If you close the app, you cannot remotely arm it.

    •Citizen User
    Now citizens can place, arm and disarm the bait products
    Citizen can arm the bait. They can only disarm if it is not stolen
    Citizen’s cannot see the map and photos. They will not receive a text alert if the device is stolen
    Assisted Patrol has a sample damage waiver and agreement not to pursue that you can give to citizens.

    •Camera photo quality Improvement (especially on the MotoX phone)

    •Mission Menu shortcuts and information
    Mission Name is shortened
    Battery level is displayed next to the mission name
    The right side has a “X” which allows you to close the mission without going to the map screen. When pressing the “X”, the user will be prompted to selected the type of mission result (theft, test, no theft) or cancel

    •Bug fix an map redraw when re-armed

    •Improvements in displaying officers locations on the map..

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    David Gasper

    David Schaefer of the University of Dayton Public Safety suggested adding a remote camera that is connected via Blue Tooth. He found a selfie pole Blue Tooth substitute that could work.

    We will investigate the product.



    David Gasper

    Our development priorities are the following:
    1) Code improvement inside the app, especially the motion sensor for theft and power fail recovery
    2) Indoor positioning to help overcome indoor limitations of current GPS technology
    3) External hidden cooling system to keep devices cooler in the heat.
    4) Support for new Android devices
    5) Eventually support iPhone and iPad .

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