Helping Local Police and Law Enforcement Reduce Theft

Without Additional Personnel

Officer Catches Thief with Assisted Patrol
It has traditionally been hard or impossible for police departments to impact and lower community theft and larceny rates.  Many thieves are high rate repeat offenders who are quick, agile and difficult to arrest.  They break in, steal and are gone long before police can respond. Stakeouts are expensive and have spotty success rates.  This is exactly why Assisted Patrol was created. Assisted Patrol has proven successful in breaking up theft patterns without requiring stakeouts or overtime. Thieves have no clue that they are about to be arrested! Whenever Assisted Patrol units are stolen, police have had a very high arrest AND conviction rate. And theft rates drop….

Assisted Patrol Improves your chances of arresting and convicting  thieves wherever thefts occur.


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