Finally, a breakthrough in catching property thieves that actually works!
  • Effective: high arrest and conviction rate
  • Powerful:¬†Takes high rate offenders¬†off¬†the street
  • Reduces Crime: 80%¬†drop in theft from auto by the Dayton, OH police department [in case study]
  • Affordable: no stakeout or extra manpower required
  • Easy-to-use: designed by police, for police
Reduces property thefts immediately after arrests are made! Assisted Patrol is a bait system that is easy to use. Simply place Assisted Patrol where property theft rates are high and watch your crime rates go down. Assisted Patrol is not for consumers. Instead, it is ONLY for law enforcement agencies who want to stop electronics and property thieves in their tracks
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Why They Choose Us

Read what the Dayton Police Department had to say about implementing Assisted Patrol:

"The Dayton Police Department is pleased with the results of the Assisted Patrol technology that Initial Point has created to reduce theft crimes. On November 5th two individuals stole the Assisted Patrol electronic bait, and were arrested by the department using GPS, photos and tracking software supplied by Initial Point. A stakeout and dedicated manpower was not required for this operation. One suspect pled guilty and the other is awaiting his day in court. Before the two arrests, the targeted area had a high pattern of theft from auto. Since that crime, theft from auto in the precinct has dropped by 75%. The City of Dayton is pleased to use this innovative technology, make these two arrests and subsequently experience a reduction in crime. We are looking forward to working with you in efforts to continue reduce theft crime in the city of Dayton.

Richard S. Biehl

Dayton Police Chief